How much will it cost to run a pet store?

The prices of the pet store chain Seabra have soared, with a brand new store opening just last week, according to a new report.

The chain has seen its market value soar from just over $300 million in 2013 to $3.8 billion in 2015, with an average price of $13,500 per pet.

The rise has been attributed to its pet stores, which include one in London and another in the U.K., opening last year.

Seabra said in a statement that it will continue to invest in pet stores as it grows, with the expansion planned for the first half of 2019.

It will also invest in its new brand of pet food, Petco, in the coming months.

Seebra has a reputation for quality pet food at prices that make it attractive to pet owners.

Petco is the only pet food brand on Seabrains shelves, but the company also offers a range of other products for pet owners, including its own brand of kibble.

Seabeast, a pet food company, has also grown its market share in pet food by over 50% since its acquisition by the Petco group in 2019.

Sebbra said it plans to spend $1.2 billion to open its first five pet stores in the second half of 2018, and a further $500 million to open the remaining three.

SeABra also said that it would invest $3 billion in its pet food business, including expanding its product line with a new brand called Seabrababy.

Seiba has been in the pet food industry for decades.

Seabras products are sold at pet stores and in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.