Why do some supermarkets ship groceries?

The United States Postal Service says the number of packages it sends is up but the number that are delivered to the door is down.

The USPS says it needs to be more efficient, and it’s trying to be less reliant on retailers that do their own shipping.

We’ve been shipping packages for many years.

And in the last couple of years, the number has gone up, but the volume of packages that we’ve been able to ship has gone down, the Postal Service said.

It has been working with FedEx to improve the efficiency of its shipping.

FedEx is now offering a package delivery service that includes a $9.95 delivery fee.

That means the USPS now ships packages for $11.95.

That’s up from $9 a few years ago.

We’re also improving the way that we package the packages that are going to be shipped, including using a 3D printer.

That makes it easier to ship packages that have a lot of text on them.