Marinos supermarket buys organic supermarket for $2.7M

Marinos, a supermarket chain with a history of selling organic groceries, has agreed to acquire the San Diego-based supermarket chain, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Friday.

The deal, expected to close in the first half of 2018, will give Marinos the ability to serve organic groceries to shoppers who want to purchase organic products, and it will be one of the first supermarkets to offer organic products at a level of granularity that allows customers to easily identify the product.

Marinos announced last week that it would acquire a minority stake in the San Francisco-based grocery chain for $1.2 billion.

The company plans to use the $2 billion to increase its presence in markets in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, where it will begin expanding its grocery stores.

The San Diego grocer is owned by CVS Health, which owns CVS Pharmacy, which is owned and operated by the CVS Group.

The grocery chain has been struggling to find its footing in the fast-food world in recent years, and the acquisition of the San Antonio-based company was seen as a major step in the chain’s future.

Marinos has been investing in its grocery business in recent months, but its organic food offerings have struggled to capture the attention of customers.