Thai supermarket to open next month in South Australia

South Australia’s largest supermarket chain will open its first store in South Australian town of Thali this week.

Khao Thali has long been the centre of Thai culture and Thai food.

The town of around 300,000 is about 200km east of Adelaide.

A store in the town will open at the end of June and the store will have a menu of Thai food and Thai dishes.

It is one of the few Thai supermarkets in Australia.

Thai supermarket operator Thali Sainsbury says the opening of the store is the culmination of more than a decade of research and development and more than 20 years of planning.

“It’s about creating a place where Thai people and tourists can come in and have a good experience,” Mr Thali said.

“When you have a supermarket you want people to be able to shop around, to come in, see the goods and buy them and they can also get the food that they want.”

Mr Thali says Thali will have around 20 full-time employees and the local population of 1.2 million will make up a majority of the community.

The Thali supermarket is expected to open in June.