What do you need to know about the Japanese supermarket chain J-Cons and the food safety issue

Tokyo — A supermarket chain known for its high prices and high prices of food, including in Japan, is now facing scrutiny over its handling of food safety concerns.

The Japanese company J-Con has faced criticism over the handling of its food safety program in the past.

It has been accused of having a strict food safety policy and the government has called for more measures.

J-Con is currently involved in a recall of 1.6 million hamburgers, or about 5.6 percent of the total number sold nationwide, over fears that the hamburger can be contaminated with bacteria.

The company has already recalled the rest of the 1.3 million hamburger packs sold nationwide and said it is “actively working with our suppliers to make sure all of our products are safe.”

The company said it will conduct additional inspections on other items that may be contaminated.

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