How do you get the most out of your Christmas shopping?

More than 70 per cent of shoppers say they do their Christmas shopping online, and the same proportion also go online for Christmas gifts, according to a new study from research firm Cosco.

The company surveyed a sample of 2,000 shoppers and found that 68 per cent have used the internet to shop online.

That’s up from 57 per cent in 2015 and the highest figure since the first survey in 2013.

It also shows that 62 per cent are using a mobile app to shop.

The firm said this was due to the rise of digital platforms such as Apple Pay and Amazon Prime, and people who are spending more time online.

It said people were spending on average £6 more per year on their Christmas spending.

The survey also found that the majority of people surveyed were keen to buy online, with 75 per cent saying they had bought a gift online and the remainder saying they would shop online for presents.

They said it was easier to shop when shopping online because it was cheaper, easier to pay for and faster to ship items online.

However, the report revealed shoppers were still wary of using the internet for Christmas, with 47 per cent being unsure they would be able to get the best deals on Christmas day.

A spokesperson for Cosco said: “As well as our own research, we also commissioned a study conducted by research firm, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech and it was the first to analyse how people use the internet at Christmas.”

Our research shows that more than 70% of shoppers are using the Internet to shop, with most opting for Amazon Prime and Apple Pay as their preferred payment options.

“However, we recognise that Christmas shoppers will still want to shop on the traditional shopping day, with 70 per% saying they will shop online, as they have done in previous years.”

The research also shows people who shop online are also more likely to shop at a discount, with 73 per cent opting for a discount on their next Christmas day.

“The study also found people in the UK tend to shop for Christmas with the same price as they would in the rest of the country, although this was down from 72 per cent last year.

The biggest difference was in the US, where shoppers were buying with credit cards.

In the UK, only 12 per cent said they would buy with a credit card and 20 per cent with an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Cosco survey also asked shoppers about their preferences on Christmas Day, with 69 per cent preferring to go out shopping at the end of the day.

This is up from 62 per per cent a year ago, and is a result of shoppers being more likely than last year to shop out of convenience and the convenience of the city.

The study is published in the Economic Journal.