What happens when you mix the ’90s with the ’20s and throw in a few ’80s movies?

The movie theater chain Best Buy is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a bunch of retro-inspired nostalgia.

They have created a line of retro themed products and a line-up of retro merchandise that includes a “retro-themed” backpack and a “Retro” shirt.

In addition to the bag and shirt, they have a line for retro-themed shoes, a “classic retro” shirt, and even a “cute retro” dog.

Here’s a look at the items:Retro PackagingRetro-inspired packaging and prints in a vintage-inspired design on the backpack, shirt, etc.

Retro shirts and a retro-designed shirt.

Retropie shirt with retro inspired design.

Retrolike backpack.

Retrexit backpack.

A retro-styled backpack for backpackers.

Retrorum backpack.

The Retro-themed backpack.

The backpack is a classic-styling style of backpack.

There’s also a shirt and shirt tie option on this backpack.