How to get the most out of your Pet-Savvy Shopping Coupon?

I recently discovered a new coupon for a supermarket coupon.

I decided to test it out on my husband, who was looking for a new pet for his family.

So I emailed to see if they were on the same page as and if it worked, I would be eligible to get a discount on their Pet-Saving Package.

I was immediately asked to provide proof of my identity.

My husband had not mentioned the email address, so I asked for his email address and his signature.

I then got an email from with a link to the PetSaving coupon.

When I clicked on it, I was greeted with a popup that said, “Please confirm the email address you provided and that you are a member.”

I clicked through the popup and was greeted by a screen that said “You must have an account with PetSavSavvy to sign up for the Pet-saving coupon.”

The popup also said that I would need to provide my name and email address.

I did, and I was able to access the coupon.

After filling out my information, I clicked the “sign up” button.

I signed up with my username and password, and clicked the green “add to cart” button at the bottom of the screen.

I clicked “add coupon” and was prompted to enter the amount of the coupon that I had selected.

I added $30 worth of Pet-savvy coupons to my cart and selected the “Pet-saving” option.

After clicking “accept”, the popup showed me a message telling me to check my email to verify my account.

I checked my email and was directed to a page where I had to fill out my PetSavvc account information.

The page said that the account was for me.

I asked the website if it was my account, and the page said no.

So, what was going on?

Was this a scam?

After checking the scammy website and the PetSAvvy coupon, I did a bit of research on the website to make sure it was legit.

I found that it was not. was not a scam.

It is legit.

Here’s how to check if the Pet Savvy coupon is legit: To check if is legit, go to, click the “add new coupon” link, and enter the promo code in the box.

The popup will pop up, telling you to confirm the information that you entered.

You can also click the green checkmark on the right hand side of the page to confirm your confirmation.

If you click “Accept”, the Pet SAVvy coupon will pop out of the popup.

If PetSavVR is legit?

PetSavveavvy, which is owned by PetSmart, is a grocery retailer that offers Pet-saving coupons to shoppers.

The PetSavvmay coupon offers $35 off of the Pet Savings Packages for a single household and $60 off for a family of four.

PetSAveSavvy also offers a Pet- Saving Package, which gives a discount of $75 off the Pet Saving Package.

You also can use the coupon for any pet that you purchase.

Pet- Savvy is not the only one offering pet coupons, but PetSavovvy is the largest of them all.

You will see PetSavivvy coupons on some grocery stores and other online retailers.

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