Maduro to ask for congressional approval of $4.5 billion aid package as Venezuelans demand ‘real food’

President Nicolas Maduro has called for the United States to grant his request for $4 billion in aid to aid the struggling country in its efforts to rebuild after months of shortages and economic hardships.

The Venezuelan leader also said that the money would be allocated to food distribution and nutrition programs in the country.

The President made the announcement in a tweet Sunday, after receiving a request for an emergency $4 million appropriation from Congress for Venezuela’s crisis.

“We have asked the United Kingdom and other countries to lend us $4,5 billion in emergency aid,” Maduro said.

“This will help us fight hunger, hunger, and poverty.”

The Venezuelan president also asked Congress to give the funds to “real food” programs, including food distribution, nutrition and other initiatives.

“Food is our basic human right, the food that sustains the life of all of us,” Maduro told a meeting of his National Assembly, which was scheduled to meet for the first time since his inauguration on January 20.

“The food that the poor receive and the people who work for them need to be provided with all the food they need,” he added.

“If this is not enough, we have a lot more work to do.”

Maduro has previously asked Congress for $2.8 billion in humanitarian aid, and $400 million more in food aid.

He has also called for additional aid to be given to the impoverished population of Venezuela in response to rising prices and shortages.

In October, the government granted Maduro the emergency funds, but it was delayed due to lack of funding.

Maduro has been struggling to rebuild Venezuela’s once-prosperous economy since the 2013 ouster of his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

The country has faced a steep drop in global oil prices and has suffered from severe shortages of basic goods like food and medicine.

The economic crisis has led to more than 300,000 deaths since Maduro took office in late 2014.

In the first three months of 2017, the Venezuelan economy contracted by a staggering $3.2 billion, according to the government.

The U.S. has been Venezuela’s biggest economic backer, and the country’s president, Nicolás Maduro, has been critical of Washington’s role in supporting his government.

In his first speech as president on January 6, Maduro urged U.N. member states to “not interfere in our internal affairs” and to “give us the means to fight terrorism.”

The U,S.

and other Western countries have called on Maduro to halt his economic policies.

On Thursday, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Maduro of “serious consequences” if he continued his policies.

“He is the leader of a country in dire straits,” Johnson said.

How to avoid a CHAVEZ supermarket confrontation

CHAVERES, Texas — A local store is selling the latest in the “canned meat” craze, and it’s selling it in a way that’s less likely to cause any allergic reactions.

The chavista-inspired food was spotted at a Tex-Mex restaurant on Tuesday, and the owners of the store said it was the first time they’ve seen it in years.

The chain of restaurants in Texas has been serving up canned chavas since the early 2000s.

But this latest version is a bit different.

They have added a side of chicken, lettuce and tomato.

It’s called chavitos, and there’s been a lot of talk about whether or not it can be a health issue.

We wanted to be sure we were on the same page and we want to make sure it’s safe for everyone who is buying it, said Chavista manager Luis Hernandez.

There are some health concerns, said one local chavilla who is allergic to peanuts.

The chicken and vegetables are a bit bland.

And I’m not sure if it’s really healthy for you, he said.

It could also cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to the meat, such as people who have celiac disease or are sensitive at all to peanuts, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The food is also more expensive than the ones sold in stores, but the owners said they’re willing to pay extra to sell the food in bulk.

The owners said there’s no way to know how many people are buying it and that they’d love to get feedback from customers.

The chavistas said they don’t want to be the next “grocery store,” but they’d like to be able to offer some kind of alternative to the chains that are trying to sell it, such in terms of healthy options.

Sanders wins New Hampshire primary with a landslide victory: poll

NEW HAMPSHIRE, N.H. — Bernie Sanders swept New Hampshire on Tuesday, crushing Hillary Clinton in a win that left him poised to claim the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders won New Hampshire, a state he had lost to Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in last year’s election.

The senator from Vermont, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination, won more than 90 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results from the state’s Republican Party.

Sanders led Clinton in the Democratic primary by nearly 10 percentage points, according a Reuters/Ipsos poll released earlier this month.

The New Hampshire results were significant for Sanders, who has struggled in the state in recent weeks amid a bitter primary battle.

Sanders has struggled to win voters with a message of economic equality, and Clinton has won New England with a populist message that appealed to working-class voters and young voters.

But Clinton’s victory was seen by some as an outlier and a disappointment for Sanders supporters, who had hoped to see her defeat of Sanders.

Sanders’ victory was particularly remarkable because it was a win for Sanders’ supporters who had campaigned hard to get out the vote in New Hampshire.

But it also marked a significant blow to Clinton, who campaigned in the traditionally Democratic state in an attempt to broaden her appeal.

Clinton’s win comes after Sanders has had a hard time turning out supporters and has failed to win over a sizable swath of independents who tend to vote Democratic.

Clinton has had trouble turning out voters in New England, where Sanders is popular among Democrats but where many in the party are angry with her and other candidates.

Sanders also won New Mexico, a Democratic stronghold, and Pennsylvania, where he won the primary.

When Chavez’s store was bombed, workers took it down to save it

CHILE — Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has defended his store that was hit by a U.S. missile attack and has said it’s in good condition.

He’s calling the attack on the Chavez supermarket in Caracas a provocation and says his store is still functioning.

In an interview on the television program “La Hora” on Wednesday, Chavez said he and his aides were not trying to hit anyone and that the store was just “stolen.”

But he added that he’s confident that the supermarket will survive the attack.

In response to the attack, a Venezuelan security guard stands guard outside the store.

He said the store is being repaired and that he doesn’t see any danger.

The Guard also told CNN the store will be back open when the attack is over.

Venezuela’s president says there are no threats against his stores or those who work there.

On Wednesday, a U-2 spy plane flew over Caracas, the capital, and took off a video feed from a plane circling the region.

The plane was flying over a military base where Venezuela’s military is deployed.

Videos and photos posted on social media showed a man, possibly a soldier, standing outside the supermarket, which is a popular gathering spot for Venezuelans to eat.

A military spokesman later said the man was killed.

In a separate incident, the Venezuelan military said in a statement that two military helicopters dropped bombs near a military checkpoint in the capital of Caracas on Tuesday night.

A U.N. spokeswoman said the U.K. government has called for an investigation into the incident.

In another attack on Wednesday afternoon, a rocket exploded near a presidential guard post in the northern city of Valencia.

No casualties were reported.