How do you know if a giant eagle is real?

It is hard to find an eagle anywhere in North America, except for a few spots on Alaska’s North Slope, where it has been spotted for years.

But even then, they’re usually only a few feet tall, and not as spectacular as the one pictured here.

The eagle was spotted near a popular local ice cream shop in nearby Adambam, Alaska, by the owner of the business.

“He came home and found out that this was a giant eagles nest, and he was like, ‘Wow!

You gotta see this,'” said the owner, Matt Bostock.

“I said, ‘I’ve seen these on TV, but never in person.'”

Bostock has been selling giant eagle cookies for years and even has a large order in the store.

He says the eagle was on the lookout for him for the past two years and took the opportunity to swoop down and take a look at him.

“I had to come in and help him with that because he’s such a nice guy,” he said.

“He’s always been very respectful, but I’ve never been a big eagle fan.

I like to go and eat the big birds and go nuts.”

The eagle is just one of many giant eels seen in North Slopes.

The largest, a 3-foot eagle, was spotted on a lake in Alaska in December and Bostocks wife was able to snap some pictures.

The bird is now in the custody of the state Department of Fish and Game.

Other giant eel sightings can also be found in Alaska.

BostOCK says the Eagle Nest on Adambams lake was one of the first he found, and the largest eagle he saw was at the bottom of the sea in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea.

“There were a few other spots we saw, and we’re not sure if it was a new giant eagle or just an old one,” Bostocking said.

The eagle Bostocker saw at the Adambamas lake was only about a foot tall, but its large size surprised Bostocked, because he never saw anything like it.

The Alaska Eagle Association has not yet released the eagle’s photo.

BOSTOCK says if you see a giant Eagle nest, it is probably a giant one and is usually the size of a dog.