Lion supermarket sweep: ‘The first thing we did was take everything out of the store’

New supermarket sweep in Argentina has revealed a catalogue of problems in the lion supermarket chain.

In a shocking development, the national authorities have closed some of the lion stores in Buenos Aires and other cities because of food safety issues.

A total of 11,000 tonnes of lamb, pork and fish were removed from supermarkets in the past week alone.

The supermarkets also closed several of their markets for the week.

The problem has also been identified by an investigation by La Fiesta supermarket chain, which has been selling its products on shelves for more than a year.

The Argentinian news outlet reported that a large quantity of food was stored in one of the supermarkets, which is known as the “Caliya”, and the carcasses of many animals were found in the shelves.

The supermarket chain said that the carcass of a lion was found inside the supermarket and that it was not possible to trace the animals.

“The lion’s carcass was discovered by the team of La Fella, in the Caliya,” the chain said in a statement.

“In the meantime, it is not possible for us to confirm if this was the carcasse of the animal.”

The Argentines Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources said that all carcasses would be destroyed.

“All the carcas found in our stores, as well as the carcases of the carcars of the lions, were also destroyed,” it said.

The ministry added that the investigation will continue and that the Argentinian authorities are investigating whether the carcase of a male lion was a result of an accident or whether the animals were slaughtered for their meat.

The Lion supermarket chain also said that its stores in Argentina are safe, and that all the carcassed meat is being processed and is safe to consume.

The department said that authorities have also contacted the company that owned the stores and are now investigating the possibility of the animals being killed for meat.

“In the coming days, we will be releasing a list of the stores where we will open, and also, we are asking customers to avoid the Calliya and other locales where they may have seen the carcassing of the large animals,” the department said.

A spokeswoman for the Argentine Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Tourism said that they are also investigating the carcasy of the Lion supermarket in Caliys city, where the carcash of a leopard was found.

“We will look into the cause of this,” she said.

“It’s the first time that the company was shut down by the authorities in the last two years.”