How to buy an island supermarket

The supermarket chain Caribbean Supermarket, which operates in the Caribbean, has introduced a new service that allows customers to buy groceries from any of its outlets.

The service, which allows customers access to the shelves at the supermarket, will be available in all its stores in the coming weeks.

The new service, called shoprite, allows shoppers to pay for their purchases with cards and is part of a new partnership with the Caribbean Food Bank.

“Shoprite is an innovative way for consumers to access a wide range of items and services, all through a mobile device,” Caribbeans Supermarket CEO James Toney said in a statement.

“Shoprite allows customers and their families to purchase food in one convenient and secure manner, allowing for seamless shopping and the convenience and convenience of having their purchases picked up at the store.”

Caribbean supermarkets are part of the Caribbean island chain, and the service is available in nearly every store.

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