How to stock up on groceries as the supermarkets open in Melbourne

More than 300 grocery stores are open in Victoria today, and there are plenty of things to do on the way to and from the shops.

Below is a guide to get you ready.

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Read moreAbout 800 people were arrested in Melbourne for breaching a court order to leave Victoria, with the majority of those arrested on charges of breaching an order for community service.

The Victoria Police Department has warned people who may be in trouble, including pregnant women and those with serious illnesses, to get medical advice.

If you need help with a medical problem, call the 24-hour Crisis Line on 1300 659 667.

The Commonwealth Ombudsman has launched a public information campaign for people to report any medical problems or issues with a supermarket, with advice on how to avoid being called on to fill a supermarket cart.

Victoria Police also released a video alerting people to the upcoming “Tough Love” shopping blitz that will start on January 5.