When it comes to the best supermarket stores in India

By By By Alastair Johnston The shelves of Indian supermarket chains are packed to the brim with cheap groceries.

There are almost 500 stores in the country, all with names that sound similar.

There is a single grocery store called Suvidha that offers organic and local products, as well as some of the country’s best branded products.

But one of the most popular brands is the one that everyone knows: the brand-name, high-end Indian supermarket chain, Wal-Mart.

It is the world’s biggest retailer by market value and is the largest of the group.

There has never been a bigger retailer in the history of the industry.

And the fact that it is the best in India, says Rahul Ranganathan, managing director at Indias biggest discounting company, Indias discounting network, is testament to the strength of Wal-Marts brand.

The store’s name is a nod to its flagship store at the Suvidhas flagship mall in Mumbai.

The store sells more than 1,400 items and has more than 5,000 employees.

It is the flagship store of the Indian retail giant, WalMart, which has been on the rise since the early 2000s.

It has a huge selection of low-cost brands like Bollywood films and Indian TV shows, and is also one of India’s largest retailers by merchandise value, which is the value of merchandise sold per square foot of the store.

The shelves of Suvidas flagship store, Suvidah, in Mumbai, are filled with products from the brand.

The brand-names of these stores have a clear connection to the products they sell, said Ranganath.

In the past, Walmarts stores were all named after its product line, but today, all its products are named after the brands they sell.

For instance, the company sells its shoes and apparel in India through a company called J.W. Smith.

It’s a very well-known brand, which sells through a range of brands, he added.

But it is also a store that is a part of WalMart brand, so it is very important that its name is part of the brand, he said.

A few months ago, Walmans Indian stores opened their first store in Mumbai at the J.S. Bhatnagar mall.

It was one of several Walmans stores opening in India this year.

The stores also have a store in Delhi, which opened earlier this year, according to the Indian company.

There have been a few other stores opening over the past few years in the state of Maharashtra, and several more in Gujarat.

India’s top five malls, based on the number of retail stores, are:1.

Wal-mart (India): 6,300 stores, 7% of the total3.

WalMart India (India) (1,400 stores): 5,3004.

Walmars Indian Superstore (India)(4,000 stores): 3,9005.

Haryana Wal- Mart (India(1,000): 1,6006.

Kolkata Walmans Superstore(India)(2,500): 1.8 million7.

Indian Walmarket(India)(1.6 million): 2.8Million,000,000: 4.8billion.

The list goes on.