What to expect from Kroger’s opening in California

Kroger is opening its first California store at a new, smaller location in downtown Los Angeles.

The store, called Kroger Store #715, is set to open its doors on Sunday.

The Kroger store is one of two new Kroger stores slated to open in California this year.

Kroger already operates three California locations, including one in Santa Monica, where it opened in October.

The Kroger retail store will feature an upscale food court with a selection of groceries, but no specialty foods.

Kroegers new store in California will be one of just four new Kroeger stores in the state, according to a release.

Kroger also announced plans to open two more stores in San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose this year, as well as three more in San Jose in 2019.

Kraft Foods, which owns and operates grocery stores in California, announced in October it was launching its first store in Sacramento.

The company will open its second Sacramento store in December, and plans to add one more store in the coming years.

The opening of the Kroger in California marks a shift from the company’s current California store locations.

Krogareg has previously announced it will close two stores in its current California location, and another in Santa Ana, California.

Krolger’s Kroger Market store in Los Angeles will be the largest Kroger Marketplace in the world, with about 1,400,000 square feet of space.