The new McDonalds in London

In a bid to capture the attention of consumers and to appeal to older generations, the new McDonald’s in London has taken to the streets of the capital in the hopes of enticing younger generations.

In the city’s west end, McDonalds opened its first branch on London’s Victoria Street on Wednesday, and it quickly drew in young people from the local community to give their verdict on the fast food chain.

“It’s definitely a more youthful look,” said Shara Shah, 25, who works in the catering industry.

“I think people are more accepting of different tastes and tastes are more common here.

I think that’s a good thing.”

Shara said she liked the fast-food chain’s approach to food, which focuses on the whole family.

“They have a lot of different food options, so you can get different sides and different types of food.

They have so much variety,” she said.

“I think that the atmosphere is really great.”

McDonalds said its aim is to provide the same service and experience that its iconic US and British rivals offer.

“The vision is to be part of the food community in London,” said McDonalds UK Managing Director, Ben Jones.

“We’re working hard to bring our customers and our customers’ families closer together.”

McGuinness is aiming to launch in the UK in early 2020.